February 8th, 2020


McWane Science Center

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Internationally Acclaimed Scientists

Faith Meets Business: Climate Solutions for the Common Good

Do the growing impacts of rapid climate change worry you, your business, or congregation? Please join this community dialogue on the climate crisis to explore effective solutions for a livable world!

Featuring expert panels, local leaders, small group conversations, and special presentations from internationally acclaimed scientists: Antarctic researcher and author Dr. James McClintock (UAB) and atmospheric scientist and U.N. Champion of the Earth Dr. Katharine Hayhoe (Texas Tech). Click the thumbnails to watch our speaker’s TED talks.

Antarctica is a Barometer of Global Change | Jim McClintock

Katharine Hayhoe - The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

CCE-Birmingham is a local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Education, the 501c3 education arm of Citizens’ Climate Lobby: a volunteer, nonprofit, non-partisan organization urging public policy to address the climate crisis—especially HR763, the proposed "Energy Innovation and Climate Dividends Act" of 2019:
FMB is open to anyone with hope, faith, and good will seeking to overcome the common threat of rapid climate change. The conference will explore avenues for individual action, including those contributed by participants, and we hope each person will leave with the information and commitment to engage effectively.
General admission can be purchased for $25. Student tickets can be purchased for a discounted rate of $15.
CCE recognizes parental privilege and responsibility to help guide children’s intellectual development. For a parental permission form and instructions, please write John Northrop at [email protected]
Space will be available in the McWane Science Center parking deck. Participants will receive a deck exit token at sign-in.
Yes. By answering a few demographic questions at ticketing participants will help us assign seats for diverse post-panel conversations at eight-person round tables.
Go to : Day-of agenda distributed to participants may include minor changes.
Ticket holders who do not opt out will permit their contact information to be shared with all others. Participants will receive a conference follow-up report, shared contact information, and the invitation to join and initiate future activities and events, including the opportunity to contribute to resources on the website.
Positive event participation norms will be explicit via a pre-event mailing and reminders the day of. CCE organizers will model the values of affirmation, respect, and appreciation.
Send information to [email protected] for review and posting on
The conference is predicated on the scientific actuality of rapid, human-caused climate change. For answers to questions about causes and implications, we urge a close look at the NASA climate web page before February 8: Also check
Our single favorite source is Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawkin, Penguin Books (2017). Many details on the web:
We plan for climate exhibits by sponsors and allied organizations. For information on how to become a sponsor, write John Northrop at [email protected]
Volunteers from among paid attendees are needed for sign-in, table leadership, and event breakdown. For information, write John Northrop at [email protected]

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McWane Science Center
200 19th St N, Birmingham, AL
(205) 714-8300

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